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Welcome to Integrated Financial Solutions.  My name is Jennifer Williams and I am the sole owner of this small but successful local mortgage company since the Spring of 2004.  I've resided in the Howard County my entire life and am very familiar with the local market.  I've been in the mortgage business for over 10-years now and take great pride in my business and my personal relationship with each client.  My goal is to create the very best transaction for my client. I do this through informing my clients with the various mortgage programs, terms, the factors affecting bearing on interest rates, improving credit history, planning their financial future, and the catchy but often misleading advertising in mortgage industry.

Did you know that I do not advertise?  I believe in going the extra mile for each client and keeping costs low for each loan.  I’m not here to make a quick profit and actually depend on people like yourself for repeat business and referrals through the quality of my service. That's how I've made this business so successful!

Please call me anytime for any mortgage advice, rate quote, pre-qualification, home equity loan, refinance, purchase loan, or even just recommended title company's and local realtor. I look forward to speaking with you today!

Jennifer L. Williams-Levy (only hyphenating for work)
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I love meeting new people and enjoy my job as Processing Manager very much. I guess I have the best of both worlds. My career started in banking with Mercantile Bank in Residential, Consumer Loans and Securities division. I trained with the best of the best..."the seasoned bankers". Many days I handled more than $10,000,000. negotiable bonds and treasury bills so was entrusted with alot of responsibility even as a teenager.

Since then I have worked with Personal and Commercial Insurance Entities and in direct Sales for a few years. But, I have been back to my roots for the last 10 years, Residential Mortgage Processing. I am just a spoke in the wheel of this efficient operation here at Integrated Financial Soluitons where our goal is to educate and provide common sense solutions to your mortgage needs. At the same time keeping good business ethics and benefit to our borrower as our first and foremost goal.

Linda J. Winkles

Senior Loan Processor
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I’m originally from New Jersey and made Maryland a home after graduating from Towson University in 2000. I have worked in the mortgage business for over 5 years where I have enjoyed working with the diverse needs of my clients. Today, I work as the manager here at Integrated Financial Solutions. I believe strongly that every client has unique special needs and that entering into a mortgage is more than just being quoted rates, it is about guidance about what is out there. The mortgage process, whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned real estate investor, can be a challenging experience. Whether it is for a purchase, refinance, 2 nd mortgage or just looking to re-evaluate your current situation…..I am happy to help.

Contact me today!

Dave Yaniro
Sales Manager
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Hi Everyone! My name is Alyssa Hudak. I am a Licensed Mortgage Originator with Integrated Financial Solutions. I am originally from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. I made Maryland my home when my father was relocated for work. After graduating from high school in Frederick Maryland, I attended Towson University for 4 years. I graduated in 2003 with a BS degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Financial Management/Planning. I currently reside in Baltimore City.

Immediately after I graduated from Towson, I passed my series 7 and series 66 exams. I worked in the financial planning field for about 2 years, and then was introduced to the mortgage business. I have now been a Mortgage Originator for approximately 2 years and absolutely love every minute of it. I enjoy working with a wide range of clients, situations, and programs. The main reason I like this business so much is because I absolutely LOVE helping people. It gives me so much pleasure to help them get into that dream home, get out of debt, or just help get those monthly payments down.

I offer a wide range of services from home purchases, refinancing, home equity loans, constructions loan, lot loans, re-hab loans, and much much more. Please give me a call whether it is to help with any of the above or just re-evaluation your current mortgage situation – I am more than happy to help.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Alyssa M. Hudak
Mortgage Consultant
Office: 410.461.4043 x16
Fax: 443.378.7299


I'm from the Ellicott City area in Maryland.I graduated from Mt.St. Mary's in the Emmitsburg area with a BS degree in accounting.I have approximately been in mortgage banking as a loan officer for 9 year's.I enjoy the business because it let's me interact with my customer's on a daily basis.I get great satisfaction from helping someone find there mortgage needs and finding the right product for that customer.This ranges from home purchase,refinancing an existing home or possibly doing a line of credit to help that customer with there financial needs.

I first started out with Allied Home Mortgage Capital and have recently moved over to Integrated Financial Solution's.One of the many things I enjoy about this company is we are small in size but we offer just as many mortgage products as the other larger companies.As that relates to the customer it provide's them with more communication and also entails them to receive the best service possible from us and allows the them too achieve there financial goals.

I look forward to working with you in the future

John David Twardowicz
Mortgage Consultant
(410)461- 4043 x15